Follow Up Note 1


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	Follow-up note 1

	Thank you all for caring enough to write something back to us. We received
	hundreds of emails and several comments on this blog. We'd like to make a few

	1. If you are not thrilled with some minor point of the Declaration, by all
	means, edit it and distribute your own version of it. You might want to
	reference the original to minimize confusion, but we don't really care. Do
	it your way.

	2. The question 'what comes next'? must be answered BY YOU.
	We're not going to lead anyone - that's your own job (if you are free and
	unashamed). However, we will post a little strategy paper here in the next
	days to get new thoughts rolling.

	3. Decide what needs to be done to build a new realm. Some of you already have
	big pieces figured out: Tell the others! Some of you can build pieces, some
	can spread important strategies or tools. Do whatever you can, but DO
	something; do something NEW; don?t waste your time trying to figure out
	every detail in advance.

	4. Work cooperatively. You're never going to agree 100%, so don?t expect it.
	Disagree politely, AND KEEP BUILDING.

	This is not for someone else to do - IT IS FOR YOU TO DO.

	The Free and the Unashamed
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