Building Liberty


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	==== Building Liberty ====


	There are two kinds of liberty at work in the world today:
	The liberty of words.
	The liberty of works.

	There is nothing bad about the liberty of words, but it is only a ghost in the
	Liberty is to be experienced, not just talked about.
	Without action, it stagnates and fades; put into action, it thrives mightily.

	The experience of liberty changes people. It engages the whole being and the
	entire life. It affects us in ways that mere words cannot. For liberty to be a
	real force in the world, it needs bodies, not just minds. (For beings with
	physical bodies to expect otherwise would be silly.)

	When liberty is put to use in the physical world, it is addictive.
	We do not need to plan everything in advance. Real life if far too complex for
	that, and if you wait until you answer every objection, you'll never do
	anything. Liberty needs to be applied before it can be completed. This
	requires adaptation and error, just like anything else that is built.
	Certainly the principals of liberty can be known in advance, but the details
	of its application will never be solid until they are repetitively tested
	against the real world.


	It's easier to live as a slave than to fight and gain your freedom.
	Building the things we need is harder than using the current systems.
	This extra effort is what turns you from a slave into a free man or woman.

	Liberty costs more than slavery, at least at first. The costs of slavery are
	high, but you are already paying them, and you may not be able to avoid them
	before you exert yourselves building the new structures of Liberty.
	Furthermore, new systems are not built efficiently. The first attempt may need
	to be altered, possibly even removed and rebuilt. New systems require
	evolution; they are not designed perfectly from the beginning; they take shape
	over time.

	The foundation of human improvement is voluntary, cooperative action.
	If you cannot work together - charitably and with kindness - you are doomed to
	conflict and failure. Liberty is more important than silly slights and
	imperfect manners; if you lose track of the goal and bicker, you will bring
	down everything that you began to build.


	#1: Physical Presence
	In order to develop, liberty requires physical spaces, where humans interact
	fully and address the whole spectrum of human characteristics. This allows
	for goodness to be seen and learned, conflicts to arise and to be addressed,
	natural order to emerge, and reputations to be made, lost and regained.
	We must feed broadly from one another. We are physical beings, not
	disembodied spirits.

	We need places where we are clearly separate from the state. Our places of
	physical presence, however, do not have to be fixed in time and space; they
	may be temporary or mobile.
	This can be effectively coordinated with sufficient communication.

	#2: Exchange
	We require methods of exchanging value and protecting property.
	This means money that does not enslave or expose us. We also require secure

	#3: Separation
	Liberty does not require approval. Since liberty is restricted by states in
	thousands of ways, separation is required. If the state is forced into the
	situation, liberty is joined to an eternal enemy.
	Any pursuit of liberty which includes the state is doomed to failure.
	All people and groups who have made such efforts eventually realize that
	they will never reach their goal.
	They become demoralized and often make regrettable choices.
	Fortunately, keeping the state out of our realm is easier than it may
	initially appear.

	#4: Communication
	Both relationships and strategy require communication.
	Many good means of communication exist and we should use them all.

	#5: Transport
	Trade requires transportation. Goods must be delivered and not intercepted
	by the state. This is an issue for larger physical items.


	#1: Physical Presence
	A continuing and stationary physical presence makes us highly vulnerable,
	but the options of temporary and mobile gatherings remain effective for us.

	There is a long tradition of underground parties in the major cities of this
	planet, beginning by 1980 in East Germany. The general model is to switch
	locations, employ security (a bouncer) and to rent the property for the

	The state is not all-knowing and all-powerful.
	As soon as you lock them out, they will remain out, at least for a time.
	During that time, liberty reigns. If the state has no agent present, the
	state does not rule there and then. This is space enough for our purposes.

	Parties have long been held in abandoned buildings, organized via text
	messages and email. Sound, drinks, drugs, and sanitation typically continue
	for 4-6 hours; then the entire operation disappears, leaving not even
	garbage behind. Innumerable variations are possible and durations of days
	rather than hours are certainly possible. Where state agents are not
	present, the state has no power.

	Another excellent option is a café, coffee shop or restaurant where free
	people know they can meet safely.
	Our meeting place may be a back or side room, and any meeting that may be
	seen by outsiders can be given a mundane name. The goals of such meetings
	are to share effective strategies and to conduct business.
	Starting in a small back room is perfectly acceptable. We do not require
	fine offices.

	#2: Exchange
	Beyond being excellent media for exchange, sound money (such as gold or
	silver) separates us from the state and functions nicely as a reminder of
	what we are: Separate and sovereign over ourselves.
	Sound money is available almost everywhere. Almost all of us can obtain
	silver and gold coins.
	By trading between ourselves, procurement costs are reduced.

	Many varieties of digital currencies are available. Backing and auditing
	systems can be developed. Settlement between individuals is not highly
	complex and can be done (even internationally) without state-monitored bank

	Property can be protected with safes, safe deposit boxes, and by many other
	means. Here is one example of how this can be done:
	In most places, safe-deposit boxes can be resold. This allows us to rent
	safe deposit boxes amongst ourselves. You get two keys from the bank. One is
	given to a trusted third party, one to a renter. Once this is accomplished,
	the box location is known only to you and the renter. In case of trouble,
	however, you can obtain a key from the trusted third party.
	Certainly you must test this and run it through all its variations, but the
	maximum possible loss is very low. This method not only creates secure
	storage, but it can be arranged in hours, at minimal cost, and can be a
	profitable business as well.

	Methods of exchange are crucial in creating networks of trust, separate from
	identities that are controlled by tyrants.

	#4: Communication
	Secure communication can be taught in a few hours and is affordable.
	Encryption is free and simple. Anonymous cell phones are available in most
	places. Anonymous web surfing, chat/messaging, and email accounts are
	available. All that is required is a small but serious effort.

	#5: Transport
	A huge number of items can be purchased off the record. Border crossings can
	be difficult but are usually unnecessary. Once we have secure meeting
	places, even if temporary, transport and travel will become easier.
	Immigrants, refugees and others have been doing these things for centuries.
	We can easily adapt their methods to our own uses.


	Building liberty means to create new systems for liberty: Systems such as
	banking, exchange, and law. Our structures will be built by and for the
	people who use them, and there shall be no force or obligation involved.
	This is what makes them ethical and legitimate. Compare this with the
	structures of the old realm which are declared legitimate by base edicts and
	are forced upon the masses.

	Everything that we need to build has been built by others long before us.
	We know it can be done because we know it has been done. The statement "it's
	too hard" has been condemned in advance by the men and women who did exactly
	these things in generations past.

	Beside this, all the institutions that exist now were built by our hands and
	with our money. All we are doing differently is removing the tyrants and

	The decision to create a better world sits before you, to be chosen or evaded.
	Choose liberty. Choose life.

	We are The Free and The Unashamed.
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