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provider of darknet services
Connect to the Server

The IRC Server is available through Clearnet, I2P (disabled currently, will be fixed), Tor and CHAVPN. Please choose one of the darknet methods (that is, not clearnet) if you intend to use the server regularly.

Connect from the Clearnet

Connect directly (via Chatzilla, etc.): ircs://agora.anarplex.net:14716/#agora.

Host: agora.anarplex.net
Port: 14716

Connecting requires SSL, the certificate might be expired (which is not a problem unless you sell SSL certificates).

Connect to Tor hidden service

Connect directly (via Chatzilla, etc.): irc://agora3cdw6kdty5y.onion:6667 or old: irc://cfyfz6afpgfeirst.onion:6667/#agora.

Host: agora3cdw6kdty5y.onion Port: 6667

Host: cfyfz6afpgfeirst.onion Port: 6667

Connection is already encrypted by Tor, so do NOT enable additional SSL for the connection.

Connect to I2P eepsite

We run an I2P eepsite for IRC, it is located at:


If you are using i2pd just add this to your tunnels.conf:


[agora.anarplex-out] type = client address = port = 6668 #destination = agora.anarplex.i2p destination = mchwn4yilm37nctwsxysuk37qhb4uroksyrofxhyz332ck4nkn7q.b32.i2p keys = agora.anarplex.dat

Connect to CHAVPN Location Agnostic Server

Connect directly (via Chatzilla, etc.): irc://

Host: Port: 6667

This port is encrypted, but it will have the certificate for agora.anarplex.net, so please configure your irc client to accept that certificate.